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About us 

My name is Giset King, I am an educator, psychologist, and an Autism Mom.

I have a passion for education and I am an advocate for inclusion and learning.

Cafe Azul Tx started as a support group in Spanish . Cafe AzulTx became a non-profit organization in April 2019 and became a Bilingual organization in June 2019. We are constantly creating training, resources, videos, and social activities to support, inspire and motivate parents and professionals that interact with individuals in the Autism Spectrum. Our group of Directors is composed by Angel King, Stacy Badon and Giset King.

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We believe all individuals with Autisms should have access

to services, education and inclusion activities suitable to their age and needs.

Our Mission

Our Vision/ Nuestra Visión

Our vision is to provide  a variety of activities and training in English and Spanish to empower, educate and inspire caregivers to individuals with Autism and   also sponsor inclusion activities to promote social skills community. 


Nuestra vision es proveer una variedad de actividades y entrenamientos en ingls éy en español para empoderar, educar e inspirar a los cuidadores de individuos con  autismo y tambien patrocinar actividades que promuevan inclusión y destrezas sociales.

We Need Your Support Today!

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